Eval Motorcycle Custom Builds

Eval custom motorcycles are hand built in our workshop to unique designs that take the Cruiser, Bobber, Flat Trakka and Cafe Racer themes to a whole new level. Based on new V Twin engines and drivelines in a range of outputs, every Eval Custom Motorcyc

le will deliver outstanding performance and reliability.


Upheval was Eval Motorcycle’s first fully custom build back in 2016.

This bike has a lot of custom parts that have never been seen before.

Billy Ayres design this bike around the seat which was purchase at the 2015 Yokohama Mooneys Show. The seat is made from melted down aluminum bits. Billy’s favorite movie is the World’s Fastest Indian which has also inspired the build.

He commenced the build with a rigid Paughco frame modified to suit his design and decided to use an early Harley Davidson 883cc sporty to a 1000cc.

Externally there is a lot of polished brass nuts and fittings which Billy himself spent days polishing. These brass nuts and fittings can be custom made for any motorcycle.

The twin-stack 44mm webber carburetor is mounted on a custom polished eval manifold. The heads were fitted with Shovelhead style rocker box covers. Billy created a fully custom exhaust which is a two into one design that has been ceramic coated.

The girder style front end was design by Billy and brought together by Joel Barry. This entire front end is made up of 146 handmade parts.

1920s headlight comes from a nautical vessel and Burman gearshift lever were brown colour when Billy purchased them and he was amazed when he polished it up that it was exactly the same materials as he was uses on his bike.

The fuel tank is off an old Aerial and the rear guard is an AJ’s modified.

Upheval in Japan 2016

Upheval's first time in the sunshine
Upheval’s first time out in the sunshine
Moon Shop
Moon Shop


Fuel tank