The Upheval Story

Classic style and workmanship are the hallmarks of all products designed and developed by the Eval Motorcycle Company. To demonstrate the company’s unique design and manufacturing capabilities to the world, Eval have built UPHEVAL.

This one of a kind show bike will be unveiled at the Moon Bike Show in Yokohama Japan in December 2016.

UPHEVAL creator Billy Ayres (left) and staff member Steve burning the mid night oil.

Taking inspiration from the salt racers of the 20s and 30s, UPHEVAL combines exclusive hand built custom Eval components including the striking ladder springer front end.

The bike features a full compliment of custom brass and copper fittings that where made by a talented craftsman in Victoria’s Latrobe Valley. The fittings are now available through the Eval website to provide that special finishing touch to your custom bike build.


Early mock up with Vintage Arial tank and Custom Weber Manifold.

Another eye-catching feature of the engine is the custom downdraft weber intake manifold and the beautifully detailed Weber carburettor with custom polished alloy air intakes and polished brass and copper hardware. The fuel pump system is cleverly hidden inside the classic Arial tank that fits the vintage style of the bike perfectly.

Electronics are also hidden in beautifully finished metal side boxes featured on either side under the seat frame and all wring is in the vintage classic woven wrap style.


Overhead shot showing custom alloy seat.

The UPHEVAL build has a unique connection with the Moon Eyes Show as the hand cast classic alloy seat was purchased by Billy at his first visit to the show last year and became the inspiration for this radical project.

The seat mount also shows the incredible attention to detail on the bike with a polished brass dampening rod spring mounted into the frame to allow a more comfortable and tuneable ride.

Billy managed to catch up with the creator of this unique seat at this year’s show and he was overwhelmed that his seat was the foundation and and inspiration for the bike that returned to Japan this year.


UPHEVAL Finished and ready for loading for the trip to Japan.possible.

The  finished bike has an extremely low laid out stance like the salt racers of old and required a custom Eval exhaust system with a low profile squared oval outlet to bring the chassis as close to the ground as possible.

The subdued black and maroon paintwork with grey pinstripes allows the hundreds of polished brass, copper and alloy elements on the bike to really be appreciated by the observer with an eye for detail.

The fit and finish of all components featured on UPHEVAL is to the same show stopping standard Eval Motorcycle Company apply to every customer’s build.

Upheval arrives in Yokohama for Moon Eyes Show

UPHEVAL gets up close and personal with Japan Coast Guard ship in Yokohama harbour

On December 1st the crew from Eval Motorcycles arrived in Yokohama Japan to debut the Upheval Show bike at the MoonEyes Show on December 4. First priority was to unpack the bike from its container along with five other Australian built bikes to be featured at the show.

The next day Billy and the crew took UPHEVAL on a tour of Yokohama including the Japanese Coast Guard Base, and the famous Moon Eyes Area 1 store and cafe.

Everywhere UPHEVAL set down for photos a large and appreciative crowd gathered to check out the bike.

Even the owner and staff of Moon Eyes Area 1 who have seen thousands of custom bikes and cars over the 25 years of the show they organise seemed suitably impressed and where happy to have the bike take pride of place in front of the amazing shop and cafe.